Who We Are

We help you: Plan - Execute - Succeed


Accelerate Inc. (hereinafter, called Accelerate), was founded and incorporated in the State of Arizona, USA. Accelerate is a privately held global management consulting and technologies services firm that specializing in strategic business development, pursuit and capture of new business opportunities, winning proposal development and profitable programs. Our clients enjoy an unparalleled win rate with Accelerate. Accelerate helps you achieve your top-line and bottom-line objectives by leveraging inflection points within each Business Development Life-cycle Phase. The phases are Strategic Business Planning, Competitive Positioning, Opportunity Validation, Pursuit, Winning Proposal Development, and Program (Project) Performance.

Accelerate provides C-level mentoring, program / project management, engineering management, contract management, and financial management resources to assist all levels and functions of an organization to maximize performance.

Accelerate provides the seasoned resources to assess the problem, recommend alternatives, and implement the right changes to growing businesses.

Our employees have intimate knowledge of the global and regional business concerns. We bring a unique perspective to your team as our employees have extensive operational (user) experience combine with their financial, program management, and technical engineering backgrounds.

Accelerate's teams can see the problem from both the buyer and seller point of views - we speak buyer and seller language and can translate as needed to your team.

Vision and Mission

Our Business Vision: Our Business Vision is To Improve Your Top-line and Bottom-line Performance”.

Our Business Mission: Our Business Mission is to help our clients to "Plan, Position, Pursue, Propose, WIN, and Perform!". We provide you the right resources to make your experience with us so value added that the next time you need resources you only call on us. We intend to become your only surrogate service provider. Utilizing our proven processes, we improve your company's operational performance and maximize your revenue and profitability by bringing the right people, processes, and tools to bear on a problem at the right location. Finally, we are (or can) be your change agents.

Doing Business With Accelerate

Size Does Not Matter: No job is too small or too large - let's discuss your needs. We have delivered service to our clients on a 1-hour consultation with the right expert … to a team of hand-picked Accelerators on a project lasting over a year.

Accelerate offers flexible contracting arrangement: daily rates, hourly rates, firm fixed price, retainers, success fee, and / or percentage of deal fees. Our contract terms depend on which is best for you. Email us at info@accelerate-inc.com to discuss how we may work with you.

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